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Information for Beach stone-curlew - Esacus magnirostris

Eukaryota >Animalia > Chordata > Aves > Charadriiformes > Burhinidae > Esacus > Esacus magnirostris

Beach stone-curlew
Esacus magnirostris

Large ground dwelling bird that is becoming rare, especially south of Cairns.


Beach stone-curlew - Esacus magnirostris on Cape Kimberley Beach - Photo by Alex Pawlow


It has a preference for undisturbed beaches, which there are plenty of north of Port Douglas, the Beach stone-curley feeds at the waters edge and lays a single egg just above the high tide mark.

Unlike most other stone-curlews, you can often see these birds out during the day (others are more strictly nocturnal) and it is easilly identified.

The very large bill is used for catching crabs and other marine invertebrates in the shallows of the beach, river mouths and intertidal flats. It is also known to inhabit coastal lagoons, and offshore sandbars and reefs.

Unfortunately this beautiful bird is becoming rare further south, as it is easily disturbed by humans.