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Information for Pandoras Vine - Pandorea nervosa

Eukaryota >Plantae > Angiosperms > Eudicots > Lamiales > Bignoniaceae > Pandorea > Pandorea nervosa

Pandoras Vine
Pandorea nervosa

An attractive twiner from the dense rainforests of the tropical tablelands.


Pandoras Vine - Pandorea nervosa - Photo by Bill Hinton

The leaves are dark green and shining with conspicuous veinations when mature. The delicate tubular flowers appear from August to October. They are borne in dense clusters and open progressively.

The winged seeds form within a capsule and germinate readily. Propogation may also be carried out successfully by cuttings.

PANDORA'S VINE is a very pleasing greenhouse subject. It also makes a delightful display as a trellised climber in a deeply shaded area.